If a Defendant is found guilty of DUI or enters into a PreTrial Diversion Program, an Interlock Device is required by law to be placed on a Defendant’s vehicle under certain circumstances. A Defendant may also elect to have an Interlock Device Installed even when not required by law. The costs associated with Interlock are based on whether or not the Defendant owns a vehicle and for how long the Interlock device is required.

Interlock Costs

Interlock Costs should be added upon Setting up a DUI Case when necessary.

Click on the ‘I’ button on the left.

The Vehicle/No Vehicle Option will appear.

Selecting the Vehicle option will add the one-time costs of $200 to the Setup.

Selecting the ‘No Vehicle’ option will place the Interlock costs for one year on the Setup. Since the number of months may vary from 6 months to up to 3 years for a 3rd Offense DUI, the $900 may need to be adjusted to a range from $450 to $2700.

Monthly Interlock Payments

For ‘No Vehicle’ cases the payments are supposed to be paid at the rate of $75 a month. Normally the total amount owed for Interlock ‘No Vehicle’ is simply totaled and placed after the other court costs. It is then paid in the same way as other court costs.

However, if a Defendant is Setup to pay Interlock on a monthly basis, there is an option on the Initial Payment Manager Screen to select ‘INTERLOCK’ to ensure that the payment does indeed apply towards Interlock and no other costs.

The Amount Tendered and Applied is defaulted to $75 which is taken on the appropriate Interlock Cost.

Interlock Forms and Reports

There are several Forms and Reports relating to Interlock.

Print > Interlock Forms

Interlock Instruction

General Instructions relating to Interlock which may be customized.

No Vehicle Declaration

A Form sent to ALEA (Alabama Law Enforcement Agency) in which the Defendant declares that there is no vehicle on which to install an Interlock Device.

Interlock Suspension Case Report

Lists all Cases for a particular Date Range that have had an Interlock Suspension placed on their Driver’s License.

Interlock Suspension Notice

The Form requesting ALEA place the Interlock Restriction on the Defendant’s License. Using this form places the Suspension Date in the Interlock Field on the Case Record.

Interlock Clearance Notice

The Form used to request ALEA to remove the Interlock Restriction from the Defendant’s License.

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